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From about 30,000 financial advisers a few short years ago to maybe half that now. That’s a crisis, any way you look at it.


In crisis there is danger, to be sure, but there is also opportunity.


This financial planning crisis is the biggest opportunity over 30 years, as far as we are concerned. But only for those financial advisers who are ready … for those who think this is like ‘shooting fish in a barrel’, their business is going to be nothing more than exhausting, dysfunctional employment, working for a lunatic (themselves) … if they’re still in business at all.


If your eyes are on the horizon, though, and you’ve had the presence of mind to carefully put together the right team, good things await. There’s hard work to be done, no question of that, but the rewards are a satisfying and personally fulfilling business that is the jewel of your personal balance sheet.


Enough delay. We’ve distilled the lessons of many hundreds of financial advisers into “The Four Keys to the Financial Planning Business You've Always Wanted, Starting NOW!".


Enjoy. Well … don’t just enjoy it. Profit from it, that’s what it’s there for. 

But if you have ‘who?’ and ‘why?’ on your mind …


Who are we are and why are we putting these free tools into your hands?


Well it’s actually a longer story but here’s the ‘Readers Digest’ version …


It starts on the 17th of March 1992 with a 22 year old strapling (that’d be me) striding – in a new, badly fitting, cheap suit – into a high rise in the middle of the CBD for the first day of my first job.


I didn’t realise it at the time but I was about to fall in love. This job was going to be more than a job, more than a career. For me it was to become an obsession. For me, financial planning is a passion – like I imagine it is for you, too.


You see, no other profession does what you do. No other profession has what you have. No one gets to have the type of conversations you have with your clients. Not their lawyer, not their doctor, not their shrink, even. Sure, they share parts of themselves with those other fine, necessary professionals … but they share it ALL with you.


You truly sit on the same side of the table as your client, sitting in the most personal room of their home. What we have is beautiful.


But that’s not to say it’s an easy job. No way. The other side to the coin is that when things get hard in financial planning, they get unspeakably hard. Soul-crushingly hard. And right now, too many advisers have been having too many of these this-is-so-hard-it’s-time-to-quit days. Weeks. Months, even.


Any many have. Quit, I mean. About half of them. What other industry has halved (or worse) in your living memory?


Yep, this is a crisis, alright, but there’s the opportunity. The question is – are you ready for it?


Half your competitors are gone and the public is scare witless with interest rates rising every month and inflation out of control. But the Royal Commission showed how the game is played – financial services is a bank-run factory that bribes its distribution network (called financial planners) into feeding the hapless consumer in one end of the sausage machine so that it can churn out profits for itself at the other. Who can you trust to lead you through a minefield like that?


You, as a financial adviser, aren’t part of the problem that was paraded in front of the media by the Royal Commission. The truth is that you’re the solution. But with you so busy doing all the things you need to do, day-in, day-out, just to keep solving today’s problems, how do you find the time (and where do you find the qualified help) to solve tomorrow’s problems?


If you’ve ever had the good fortune to attend any conference in which there’s been an Olympian Gold Medallist (or any high achieving elite sportsperson) on stage telling his or her story, it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll have heard that a big part of their success was the team behind them.


And that’s where my team and I come in: to be YOUR team.


Our purpose? To support the SAFETY and SUCCESS of your independent financial planning business. That looks a little different for everyone – for some its AFSL support and oversight, and for others it looks more like training, mentoring or coaching. Your Safety & Success in this dynamic and amazing opportunity called financial advice needs a strong team to partner with you on your journey. We are your safety net, your sounding board, your greatest advocates, your cheerleaders.


This is financial planning like you’ve never experienced it. Have a read of The Four Keys to the Financial Planning Business You've Always Wanted, Starting NOW!”.


We’ll be in touch.

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