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PDF Architect - pdf editing and e-signature solution

In July 2021, many of you took up our offer to pay for a year’s subscription to DocuSign to be able to utilise an e-signature solution for your business.


These subscriptions will be due for renewal shortly, and you are welcome to continue your subscription at your own cost.  From 1 August 2022, IFA-Aust will be recommending PDF Architect as a pdf editing program with the added functionality of an e-signature tool.


The PDF Architect Professional plan allows you to view, create, edit and convert pdf documents for an annual cost of $99.00 (inc GST) per user (3 computers per user are allowed).  The e-sign option is then automatically provided via a 14 day free trial and from there you can purchase 10 packs of e-signatures ($40.00 inc GST) or a yearly subscription for unlimited signatures ($60.00 inc GST). 


IFA-Aust recommends the Professional Plan and annual e-sign option and will reimburse you up to $159.00 which is the total cost for 1 year.  This is what you need to do:


1.  Register and pay for PDF Architect Professional

PDF Architect registration.png

2.  Once the 14 day e-sign free trial is over, follow the instructions to purchase the annual e-sign package.

3.  Use the Click Here button below to email the receipts for both to IFA-Aust for reimbursement on your next RCTI.

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