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IMPORTANT NOTICE - Updated FSG January 2023 v23.01

We have updated the FSG template to include a number of changes including, but not limited to, the update on ASIC’s MoneySmart website commencing on 1st February with respect to the provision of tax (financial) advice services.

The new template, along with a separate document identifying the edits, can be downloaded from the Templates & Forms\Templates page HERE.

Please action as follows:

  • Adopt this new version “January 2023 v23.01” and archive your previous version (August 2021) for retention for 7 years from its original date (electronically is fine);

  • Ensure all staff are aware of the change and that any templates that include copies of a previous version are also updated;

  • Each of your existing clients will need to be provided with this new version;

    • Immediately (within 7 days) if they are ongoing and/or actively engaged clients, or

    • When you provide them with their next financial service If they are transactional/ad-hoc clients.

  • If it’s not possible to provide the FSG within the stated timeframes then the updated version must be provided to them within 5 days of the advice being provided.

    • This can be done either by providing them with a link to the updated version on your website or sending to them by post or as an email attachment.

  • Keep a record as to when you provided the updated copy to your client.

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