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July's Safety & Success Webinar

This month's Safety & Success topic: "It's Audit Season!"

In next week’s Safety & Success webinar you’ll get the ‘good oil’ on IFA-Aust’s approach to adviser audits. At the webinar you’ll learn why you should look forward to them (they’re not a witch hunt, they’re your opportunity to improve your delivery processes), and we’ll share ‘top 5 keys to a hassle-free audit’ – tips direct from the auditor.

To be uploaded to Kaplan, pre-recorded

Plus! Something different for this month’s S&S webinar …. as Daniel’s taking a much-needed family holiday away from the Canberra cold for a fortnight from 7th July, your webinar this month is going to be pre-recorded and released through Kaplan Wednesday morning next week, so you can view the session at the scheduled time if you choose. You will earn CPD points for the session which is, as usual, part of your required CPD.

Send us your questions

If you have sent through a question for inclusion in this month’s Q&A they will be addressed in the recording, but if you have any other questions that come about between now and then or as you review the session please send them through to; they will be addressed separately to the group before the end of July via email or Adviser Portal post.

Business as usual

Daniel will be back on deck nicely refreshed and back in chilly ACT from 25th July but Samantha, Kellie and Dana will be here and available throughout holding down the fort. If you need a meeting then you can schedule that through Calendly, as usual – the link is HERE.

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Unallocated fee payments

Select the click here button below to view this week's unallocated fees which include payments received up to COB 18th July 2024.

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Have a great holiday Daniel and Susie!

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