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Rebates processed Oct-Dec 2022

Rebates for the October to December 2022 quarter have been processed today and Activity Statements have been emailed. If you have received an Activity Statement in relation to one of your clients’ payments that means that there was no email address for that Account ID, as per the blue highlighted cells in the list saved in your ‘REBATE’ folder in Syncplicity earlier this month.

You will need to forward those activity statements you’ve received to your client/s manually and update Revex with the correct email for future statements.

Any clawbacks (per the red highlighted cells in your rebate list) that haven’t been paid manually by your clients to IFA-Aust by today will be itemised as deductions in your January 2023 RCTIs which will be issued later this week.

You can view the activity statements of the rebates for this quarter in Revex as follows:

  • Client Management

  • Client List

  • Search for client name

  • Select client

  • Edit client

  • Scroll down to Rebates...

  • Activity Statements

Please refer to the ‘C/Forward’ column at the far right to ascertain if a payment has been made. Any rebates which have not been paid and therefore carried forward will be included, assuming the correct details are reflected in Revex, in the next payment run which is due by the end of April 2023.

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