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Updated Ezidebit fees & Form

We are pleased to advise that we've negotiated a reduction in the Ezidebit transaction fees which came into effect (slightly earlier than we expected) at the end of March.

The Ezidebit form showing the new fee structure has been added to the Adviser Portal HERE so please ensure you use this form effective immediately.


The new pricing is as follows:


  • Bank account transaction fee (deduction from bank account)

    • Reduction from $1.06 to $0.99 (charged to adviser, not client)


  • Credit card fee (when using an Ezidebit form) - these amounts are added to the client's deduction

    • Mastercard/Visa

      • Reduction from 2.07% (min $1.32) to 1.99% (min $0.99)

    • AMEX

    • No change from the 4.05% (min $1.32)

  • Webpay (when a client enters their details through the invoice link)

    • Credit card transaction fee

      • Unchanged, remains at $0.30 (charged to adviser, not client)

    • Visa/Mastercard

      • Reduction from 2.19% to 1.99% (no minimum fee) - added to the client's deduction

    • AMEX

      • No change from 2.90% (no minimum fee) - added to the client's deduction

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