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Welcome Antony Selby

Please join us in welcoming Antony Selby to the Community who joined us on 3rd of October.

Antony is based in the Rose Bay area of Sydney and his career thus far has been almost entirely within the finance industry, working within the financial markets sector and the superannuation and banking industries, before settling comfortably into financial planning and advice. Antony is fluent in Chinese (mandarin) and he also spent time living and working in China where he established a consultancy business specializing in cross-cultural communication before returning to Australia to raise his family on home soil.

Antony trades under the name ‘Regenesis Advisory’ and works with pre-retiree and family groups to help them navigate through financial transitions while keeping their financial wellbeing top of mind. He’s committed, as we all are, to providing solid, independent and empowering advice to the public, and he helps his clients ‘look around the corner’ to plan and manage their future financial life.

He doesn't like to brag, but Antony’s picked the NRL grand final winners for the last 7 years running, scoring the win each year in his local footy tipping competition. His combined winnings so far are just over $90 and he’s hoping 2023 will bring him into the triple digits – fingers crossed for you Antony!

Stemming from his time in China, Antony’s favourite food is of course the Chinese national dish, Peking duck, and he wears a red and white polka dot facemask.

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Thank you Susannah and Jacie! Look forward to seeing you soon.


Welcome Antony. You haven't changed a bit 😊


Welcome Antony! Hope you are really happy here

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