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Welcome John Hicks

We’re pleased to introduce you to the newest member of the IFA-Aust Community, John Hicks. With a background in Economics, John moved Down Under from the UK back in 2007 and has been working in our fare industry ever since, in both the ACT and VIC. Now settled in Melbourne, John has established his own practice ‘John Hicks Independent Financial Advice’ operating out of Yarraville, and offers a broad range of advisory services to his clients. Along with his desire to be able to practice genuine independence, John’s focus is to provide his clients with an enjoyable and fruitful financial planning experience, while helping them to achieve a higher level of financial freedom.

John’s claim to fame is meeting Sir Rod Stewart who presented him with the 2004 gold medal after his win (third-year running no less!) at the UK’s Worm Charming Championship.

He doesn’t talk too much about his skills in this area but has been known to regale a crowd with some of the hi-jinx the South East team got up to in the ‘Wormthletes’ (as they’re colloquially known) Village that year. Perhaps if we ask him nicely he’ll bring one of his medals to the Summit in November?

John absolutely loves a banana paddle pop and wears a union jack facemask.

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Welcome John! I confess I had to look up worm charming -that's quite a talking point :) Hope you're happy here

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