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What You Might Have Missed - September

It has been a busy few weeks, so we thought we'd do a quick re-cap on the things you might have missed:

Quarterly reporting program: Thanks to everyone that submitted their June-September declarations on time. The declaration for the October-December quarter can be downloaded from the Checklists page and when completed (after 31/12/22), emailed to by 20/01/23.

Prevet services: If you would like some certainty about a document or piece of advice before going 'live', we have launched our prevet service. For a fee (ranging from $200 (ex GST) for a simple template to $600 (ex GST) for a complex advice piece review, to $2,400 (ex GST) for an extensive marketing campaign), we will review the documentation from a compliance and governance point of view and advise if changes are required. A Prevet Services section is being constructed in the Adviser Portal, but should you wish to use the service in the meantime, please email with the details of what requires vetting.

Technical advice support facility: If you require technical advice support, we now have a dedicated place in the Adviser Portal where you can submit your query. Simply click the Request Technical Support button from anywhere in the portal, enter your query and submit. Depending on the complexity of your query and the time you submit it, we endeavour to get back to you same day, and there will always be someone who sees your request come in and can action it straight away (either by replying or by referring to a tech team for specialised advice).

New checklists and templates: Be sure to regularly log into the Adviser Portal and check for new (or updated) checklists and templates, such as the Compliance Checklists and Record of Advice templates, which have all been added to the portal in recent weeks. No Advice Execution Only agreements will be added shortly.

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